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Postpartum Prep With Your New Birthing Bestie!

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

I met Erin, an amazing doula and owner of Erin Brier Birthing (EBBirthing) last year and we instantly hit it off! Since then, we've spent time cheering each other on, collaborating, and working together.

I have loved getting to know her and learning about what she does for the birthing community, and it's only fair if I share that with you! I sat down with Erin and asked her about being a doula and her Postpartum Prep services... and she's sharing all the details with us!


How long have you been a doula and why did you start?

I went through my doula certification training in 2016 and began seeing clients in 2017- So I’ve been a doula for just about 3.5 years. I always knew I wanted to do some sort of work where I could empower and celebrate women. I'm constantly amazed by their strength and am in awe of what women's bodies, minds and hearts are capable of. So when I learned that I could make a career out of supporting and empowering women and families during such a transformative time in their lives, I knew I had to do it! I’m happy to say that I found doula work, and am living out my dream job now!

What is a doula?

A doula is an additional support person to add to your birthing team… a “birthing coach” you could say, but I prefer the term “birthing bestie”! When you choose to work with a doula, we support you and your family through pregnancy, labor and up to the first full year of your baby’s life. We act as resources, a sounding board and an expert communicator throughout pregnancy and into postpartum days. From helping alleviate aches and pains and calming the “is this normal” anxieties during pregnancy... to counter pressure, position changes and constant comfort during labor... and giving you the validation and support you need postpartum… doulas do it all!

Why is the postpartum period so important?

Postpartum brings a whole new chapter of changes and challenges to adjust to- physically, mentally, emotionally and hormonally.⁣ We don’t talk about the postpartum period enough, and by doing that, we do a disservice to the women transitioning into this phase of life. They’re often unaware, under educated and completely unprepared for this phase of life.⁣ My goal is for women to feel as empowered for postpartum as they are during pregnancy and labor.

How do I schedule and how soon should I?

You can schedule a consultation with me here! For It’s never too early or too late to work together, so reach out and we can chat details and next steps from there!

My family is visiting after the baby is born to help, why would I need this service?

Having help after baby is such a blessing! But sometimes it can be hard to know what to ask for help with, and it’s possible that you may not even know what to expect or plan for. With Postpartum Prep, we spend time before your labor discussing your family’s needs and what is important to you. We work together to design a customized plan to set you up for success bringing baby home.

What’s included in your Postpartum Prep service?

With Postpartum prep, there will be an initial consultation to meet and make sure we're a good match, one planning session to assess the needs of your family for the initial postpartum phase, as well as communication, tools, resources and education to help prepare for the early days of recovery. There will also be two Nesting Sessions (one prenatal and one postpartum) where we put that plan into place to prepare for baby, and monthly check-ins for at least the first three months postpartum.

Do you come to our house? If so, how long are you there?

The initial consultation and planning session can be done virtual if desired, but the Nesting Sessions will be in-person and I will come to your home! Nesting session times vary depending on family size and needs, but are typically around an hour.

What exactly is a “nesting session”?

Nesting Sessions are where we put the planning into action. One Nesting Session takes place before baby arrives. This is where we will put the ideas created at the Planning Session into place. Whether it’s meal prepping, creating bathroom caddies or talking about what to expect, the first weeks after coming home. The second Nesting Session takes place after baby is home. Here, we evaluate the initial plan and see what, if anything needs tweaked or changed, and if does, we do it there!

The Postpartum Prep service includes two Nesting Sessions, but once you bring baby home, if you decide you want a little more continued support, you can purchase more Nesting Sessions by the hour!

Can I contact you while I’m pregnant or just after the baby is born?

Absolutely! Postpartum Prep is designed so that the family is supported through the last bit of your pregnancy and well into bringing your baby home! Once you purchase the service, we’ll be in close communication so I can learn more about you, your family and your hopes for postpartum. After you bring baby home, there’a an in-home visit and check-ins for the next several months.

How soon do we see you after delivery?

Once you return home from the hospital/birthing center, it’s important for you to bond as family. The first nesting session of Postpartum Prep should set you for the first few weeks of being home, so you’ll have plenty of time to bond with your baby, visit with family and friends and rest before we need to schedule the next Nesting Session. We, of course, we stay in communication, so it’ll be easy for us to schedule that next Nesting Session when the time is right!

How does my partner benefit from the Postpartum Prep service?

Postpartum Prep is designed to support the entire family- partner included! Being prepared for postpartum recovery ahead of time, gives you more time to spend together. Not having to worry about the specifics of postpartum recovery gives your partner more time to focus on their family.

This isn’t my first baby, so I feel like I know what to expect. Would the Postpartum Prep service still benefit my family and I?

One of the many wonderful things about pregnancy and labor is that every pregnancy, baby and recovery is completely unique. While you may have had a baby before, you haven’t had this baby before. And even if you have experienced postpartum recovery before, it’s still important to prepare for it ahead of time!

I’m interested in tips during my pregnancy. Where can I find some helpful information?

Postpartum Prep is only one of the services I offer - I am also a Certified Labor Doula. Check out to find out more about Labor and other services!

How many clients do you take per month?

I currently don’t have a limit on Postpartum Prep clients!

What precautions do you take to keep families safe during the pandemic?

Health and safety is more important now than ever. When I come to your home, wear a mask the entire time and gloves when needed. In my personal life, I also respect social distancing, mask wearing and hand washing/sanitation. It is important to me that my clients feel supported, empowered AND safe.

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