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I'm emily. 

Hey there!

I see you girl! Hustling to get out the door and head to work, but not before struggling to brush tangled hair and find matching shoes. After a stressful day at work, you pick up the kids, prep dinner, and eventually get everyone ready for bed. You can now finally have some YOU time. Maybe even pop open a bottle of wine and cuddle up next to your partner and furbabies. 
Somewhere in the mix of chaos, you're searching to find an affordable photographer. (You then realize this photographer does video too! Heck yes!) You're busy and have a long to-do list before your new bundle of joy gets here. 

Do you ever want someone else to just take the picture, so you can relax and actually be a part of the memory?

That's where I come in and you're going to look flawless!

This is me...
Well not the 90's lookin' woman, but that adorable baby!
This picture is the only one of my mom and me right after delivery. Let me give you a little backstory here, that quickly became the story of my life. I was a surprise baby (not a mistake, k thanks), the only girl, and it was the last time my mom would give birth. My lovely dad brought the "movie camera" (as my mom calls it) and was supposed to record the moment I entered the world. Buttt, he was so excited and emotional about having a little girl that there's literally no video of that moment. Not even one clip. Ever since I came earthside, any big event in my life that was thought to have been recorded, ended up being the kid after me or the floor. Classic. It's probably the reason I became a videographer in the first place!
So here's my mission... I want your birth story and your child's 1st year of life to be remembered in the best way possible! In a memory that you can revisit decades later. Through listening to your baby's first cry again, your partner's whispers of encouragement, and the photos hanging up on the walls. I'll make sure mom looks beautiful and that dad doesn't have the pressure of recording such a big moment in both of your lives. 
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+ If I had an unlimited shopping budget... I'd never come out of HomeGoods, Target, & my favorite local boutiques in the heart of Noblesville. 

+ I married my favorite person in May of 2019! He's a hunk too!

+ Welcomed our baby girl in October of 2021.
+ Our fur baby is named, Ori. I rescued Ori from the street & let me just say her daddy couldn't say no!

+ My guilty pleasure is Keeping Up With The Kardashians - but I don't even feel guilty. If Kholé knew I existed, we'd be best friends. 

+ If we meet up for coffee during a free consultation, I'll most likely be drinking tea. I hate coffee.

+ Enneagram type 6.

+ I love to travel! I once went to Iceland, London, & Denmark to film a documentary.

+ Fully 

the goods

OCT. 21 1994

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+ Dogs only. I don't like cats - they attack me. (But I'll still photograph them, don't worry.)

+ Rap, R&B, & Hip Hop are my jam. But Nora Jones and Dave Matthews Band also speak to my soul.

+ Hamburgers only need a tomato. Nothing else.

+ I could eat Mexican food everyday. Hubby won't let me though.

+ Boxing is the only workout I'm committed to.

+ I offer my services to everyone, no matter who you love, what color you are, what you believe, or even what your story is. I'm here for YOU.

+ Always on the hunt for my next #thriftstorescore. 

+ Lover of all things birth & empowering women.

+ The sound of a pop can opening makes me want a Pepsi. It's POP not soda.

+ I'm excited to tell your birth story!
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