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New Mom Must-Haves

So I'm a little over 3 months into this motherhood thing and I wanted to share some of my favorite must-haves that we use everyday for our little girl! If you're like me, you searched all over the internet, Pinterest, made multiple Amazon wish lists, and even saved tons of TikTok videos to find just the right items to put on your baby's registry.

I was so exhausted from researching which bouncer was the best or what stroller could close quickly and with only one hand, all while being cost conscious.

And be prepared.... all that time and effort put into your baby registry, yea not everyone looks at it. I'm obsessed with finding great deals, so if there was something I knew I wanted that I didn't get from family and friends, I went straight to Facebook Marketplace! Ain't no shame in my game! There was no way I was going to pay a ridiculous amount for some of the items below.

I saved hundreds on items that we use everyday from buying used or even new on FB Marketplace. Of course, always practice safety. If they only have one photo of the item, ask for more. Meet somewhere public and have someone with you or at least let them know where you're going. If their personal FB page looks sketchy (no personal photos, just created, etc.) be cautious. Trust your instincts - no deal is worth your safety. Also, please never pay for something until you have it in your hands.

So here's a list of my favorite items, that get us through the day!

Ubbi Baby Wipes Dispenser with Weighted Plate and Secure Seal | Nursery and Baby Registry Essential to Keep Wipes Fresh, Gray, 4.5 x 3.75 x 8 Inch (Pack of 1)

1. Ubbi Baby Wipes Dispenser

Hands down the best wipe dispenser! This little box keeps me from getting a handful of wipes and yelling in the middle of the night. The weight on top is everything! Also, my wipes never dry out.

Stadela Baby Pacifier Clip Leash Soothie Teething Ring and Teether Toy Holder Unisex for Boy or Girl 4 Pack Baby Shower Birthday Gift Set Rainbow Sun (Boho Baby)

2. Pacifier Clips

I love how the silicone clips look, but they are so heavy that the pacifier falls out of my 3 month old's mouth. So make sure to have a couple of these.

Mombella Mimi The Mushroom Soothing teether for Breast Feeding Baby who Does not take Pacifiers/Premature Baby who has weak jaw movement/0-6month with Sucking Needs, Pink

3. Mombella Mimi The Mushroom Teether

Best seven bucks I've ever spent. Just get it!

Haakaa Baby Nail Trimmer Electric Safe Baby Nail Clippers Baby Nail File Kit Manicure Set, Trim Polish Grooming kit for Newborn Toddler or Adults Toes Fingernails, 6 Grinding Heads and LED Light, Pink

4. Haakaa Electric Nail Trimmer

Forget the nail clippers and get this handy tool. The different files are for babies all the way to adults. My little girl doesn't even realize when I file her nails. I use it for her toes too!

FridaBaby 3-in-1 Nose, Nail + Ear Picker by Frida Baby the Makers of NoseFrida the SnotSucker, Safely Clean Baby's Boogers, Ear Wax & More

5. Fridababy 3-in-1 Nose, Nail, + Ear Picker

Best little picker for getting out small boogies, ear wax, and dirt under the nail.

2 in 1 Baby Nasal Aspirator,Blackhead Remover - COCOBELA USB Electric Nose Sucker for Baby Infants with 3 Silicon Tip and 4 Replacement Blackhead Remover Probes

6. Baby Nose Sucker (+blackhead remover!)

This 2-in-1 is a MUST and so satisfying! After a week of using Fridababy's Snotsucker for a runny nose, my lungs were shot and I was getting lightheaded every time. I bought this lifesaver and the provided relief puts the biggest smile on my girl. It also has a little song and colorful lights to distract them! Plus, it'll get blackheads too! (For you, not for baby. 😅)

Tadpoles Moses Basket & Bedding Set, Eyelet, White, One-Size and rocking stand

7. Moses Bassinet & Rocking Stand

I originally got a Pack 'n Play for our bedroom that our baby could sleep in during the first few months, but it was so big and got in the way. I put her in this Moses basket (which I originally used for photos) and she slept like an angel. Don't worry I got

another one to take on photoshoots! Add the bassinet with this

rocking stand and you are set. Plus, it's aesthetically pleasing!

Graco DuoGlider, Percy

8. Grace DuoGlider

So this swing can be pretty pricey, like $200 or more. But I found one on Facebook Marketplace, brand new and in the box for only $80! I love this swing because I can have my baby sit up a bit or lower the seat to make it flat. It has music, rocks, and even vibrates!

Ingenuity SmartBounce Automatic Bouncer - Chadwick , 23x19x23 Inch

9. Ingenuity SmartBounce Bouncer

So this bouncer originally wasn't on my baby registry, but I'm so glad I got it! I got the Bjorn Baby Bouncer too, but haven't used it as much yet. This bouncer is nice cause it has music, nature sounds, and yup automatically bounces! I use this a lot during the day since I work from home.

Tiny Love Black and White Gymini, Baby Play Mat with Modern Design

10. Tiny Love Baby Play Mat

This play mat is awesome! The main reason I went with this play mat is because of the contrast design, which is great for development. It has musical toys and even a mirror!

Diaper Bag Backpack with Portable Changing Pad, Pacifier Case and Stroller Straps, Dikaslon Large Unisex Baby Bags for Boys Girls, Multipurpose Travel Back Pack for Moms Dads, Army Green

11. Dikaslon Diaper Bag

I love this diaper bag! My husband isn't embarrassed to carry it and it has so much room! It comes in a variety of colors too, along with a portable changing pad and pacifier case. Super sturdy too!

Summer Gentle Support Multi-Stage Tub - For Ages 0-24 Months - Includes Soft Support, Two Bath Toys, A Hook for Storage and Dying, and a Drain Plug

12. Summer Gentle Baby Bathtub

When I was looking up baby bathtubs, I read where some of them would cut their baby's feet because of the plastic. So I did my research and landed on this tub! This bathtub is so convenient. It grows with your baby from newborn to toddlers up to 2 years old. It's so comfy and makes bath time fun! It has a drain plug, hook for drying, and two bath toys.

Skip Hop Baby Changing Pad, Nursery Style, Grey , 31.5x18.25x2.6 Inch

13. Skip Hop Baby Changing Pad

I don't know why this wasn't invented sooner, because it's a game changer! I looked at all the other similar changers - Keekaroo Peanut, Hatch, Bumbo. I couldn't justify spending $200 on something that gets poop all over it. I wanted it to look aesthetically pleasing too. So I decided on the Skip Hop and love it!

Hrzeem Changing Pad Liners, Waterproof Washable Reusable Changing Pad Cover, Soft Bamboo Surface, 11.6 x 24 inches, 4 Count

14. Changing Pad Liners

Throw one of these machine washable liners on your changing pad for a quick clean up. I also like having this on the changing pad to add a little warmth when laying my baby down for a diaper change.

Dekor Plus Hands-Free Diaper Pail | Gray | Easiest to Use | Just Step – Drop – Done | Doesn’t Absorb Odors | 20 Second Bag Change | Most Economical Refill System |Great for Cloth Diapers

15. Diaper Pail

Speaking of diapers, look no further and add this to your registry! I can't smell A THING with this diaper pail. Also pro-tip, spend the extra bucks and get the Plus size. Worth it! I love the fact that I can lock it for when my baby becomes a toddler and more curious, but the main selling point is that you can use regular tall kitchen trash bags! MONEY-SAVER!

20 Pack Large Burp Cloths for Baby - 20" by 10" Ultra Absorbent Burping Cloth, Hand Washcloths, Newborn Towel - Milk Spit Up Rags - Burpy Cloths for Unisex, Boy, Girl - Burp Cloths Set(White)

16. Burp Cloths

Just get this 20 pack of large burp cloths and you're set! So soft and absorbs all of that milky mess.

Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner—Original | Pink Garden Flowers | Breastfeeding, Bottle Feeding, Baby Support | with Removable Cotton Blend Cover | Awake-Time Support , 20x16x5.5 Inch

17. Boppy Nursing and Positioner Pillow

This pillow goes with me to every room in the house! It's also saved my back during feedings and now that my baby is older it gives her great support for propping up and tummy time!

Lupantte Hands Free Pumping Bra, Comfortable Breast Pump Bra with Pads, Adjustable Nursing Bra for Pumping .Fit Most Breast Pumps Like Spectra, Lansinoh, Philips Avent etc.

18. Pumping and Nursing Bra

I feel like I had the hardest time finding a good nursing AND pumping bra. It was either a bra for just nursing or a bra for pumping. This one by far is my favorite. It works perfectly with my Motif portable pump. The bra also didn't make the bottles point out weird when pumping. It's super soft, affordable, and comfortable to wear.

Organic Nipple Butter Breastfeeding Cream by Earth Mama | Lanolin-free, Safe for Nursing & Dry Skin, Non-GMO Project Verified, 2-Fluid Ounce

19. Earth Mama Nipple Butter

If you're planning on nursing or pumping, add this to your cart. It doesn't feel weird on and you don't need to wash it off before nursing. Win-win!

FridaBaby Frida Mom Disposable Postpartum Underwear (Without pad) | Super Soft, Stretchy, Breathable, Wicking, Latex-Free, Boyshort Cut | Regular

20. FridaBaby Disposable Postpartum Underwear

These were so comfortable I almost didn't want to switch back to regular underwear! Just change a pad throughout the day and you're good to go!

Konny Baby Wrap Carrier (Air-Mesh for Summer), Hassle-Free Moisture Wicking and Breathable Infant Sling, Perfect for Newborn Babies to 44 lbs Toddlers

21. Konny Baby Wrap Carrier

I love this carrier! It's super quick and easy to put on, but also so chic. It grows with baby from newborn to toddlers! Just make sure to get the right size.

Love To Dream Swaddle UP, Gray, Medium, 13-19 lbs., Dramatically Better Sleep, Allow Baby to Sleep in Their Preferred arms up Position for self-Soothing, snug fit Calms Startle Reflex

22. Love to Dream SwaddleUP

The key to a good night's rest! My girl kept getting her arms out of velcro swaddles, so I tried this. AMAZING! It keeps baby's from startling themselves and waking up.

23. Two Way Zipper Sleepers

Do not buy button sleepers... I REPEAT DO NOT BUY BUTTON SLEEPERS! I had way to many onesies and button sleepers and should have just gotten 10 of these. I don't have this exact sleeper, but save some money and just get sleepers with 2 way zippers and you'll be set. They're warm, have mittens, and easy for diaper changes.

(Of course if you find a cute button sleeper for photos though, please get it!😉)

TENABORT 12 Pack Foldable Drawer Organizer Dividers Cloth Storage Box Closet Dresser Organizer Cube Fabric Containers Basket Bins for Underwear Bras Socks Panties Lingeries Nursery Baby Clothes Beige and OXO Tot drawer dividers

24. Draw Dividers

These drawer dividers are a must. They fit perfectly in my IKEA Hemnes Dresser and keep everything organized. From clothes to diaper rash cream, everything has it's place. Also consider labeling the inside of the drawers so dad knows where everything goes!

Safety Innovations Self-Closing Babyproof Outlet Covers - an Alternative to Wall Socket Plugs for Child Proofing, (Standard 1 Screw), (12-Pack), (White)

25. Self-Closing Baby-Proof Outlet Covers

We were moving into our new house when I found these! They are so modern looking and the self-closing feature is the best. No more random plastic cover outlets lying around.

26. Baby Gate

This baby gate is perfect for us with two dogs in the house! When opening the gate, you can have it stay open or auto-close which is an amazing feature. Easy to install and comes in various sizes!

I hope you've found my Amazon list of New Mom Must-Haves helpful!

I know how overwhelming shopping for a baby can be especially the first time around. Feel free to follow me on Instagram or Facebook and let me know which products you can't live without!

Congrats on your growing family!

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