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Getting Dad on Board!

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Is dad on the fence about hiring a birth videographer/photographer? 

mom and dad in hospital room for delivery

I've been fortunate with the dad's I've worked with. They didn't mind and were excited about having their baby's day captured. But not all dads are so open... and that's fine! I'm here to ease their minds and show them the benefits of having a videographer/photographer in the delivery room. So if your partner is on the fence show them this blog or set up a free consultation with me. I'll answer any of their questions!

*Some dads instantly think, why would we want photos of that?!

Here's the thing -- you've probably already seen my portfolio and you know it's not just crowning shots, placentas, or blood. It's tastefully shot and shows your story of the day.

*Your partner may not want a stranger in the room.

I get it and that's totally understandable! My goal is to be unheard and unseen. Also, I like to have a few meetings prior to you giving birth so I'm not just another strange face. So in midst of the chaos of different nurses going in and out of the room -- I'm that one familiar face... who's there for you both!

*Dad doesn't want to spend the money.

This is the big one! I'm a professional... you're not getting cell phone video/pictures that are quickly shot or shaky. You're getting a FULL film that's shot and edited and beautiful images to cherish forever. Besides that, I'm on-call for your birth. This means I won't take on other clients around your due date, because I don't want to miss your special moment. It's like shooting a wedding but not knowing when the ceremony begins! Plus, I offer payment plans and a baby registry for family and friends to contribute to! Perfect for all those baby showers!


Most men hate to take pictures, or even pose for them. Having me as your videographer/photographer means dad doesn't constantly need to have his phone on hand. He can sit back and relax (which we know they love) and enjoy the moment with you! It's less work for him! And the posing... don't worry about it. This isn't a photoshoot... it's birth! I'm there documenting the day for the two of you!

If none of this convinces your partner to get on board with having a birth videographer/photographer, something you may desperately want... let's schedule a time to meet up and put his concerns at ease. You're giving life... and deserve to have this special gift to look back on! (Especially if you're heavily medicated!)

Good luck and I hope to hear from you and DAD both!


-Inspired by Tavia Redburn

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